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Red Book

American State, County & Town Resources

By Alice Eichholz, William Dollarhide.

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Today, with the increased awareness of the necessity for preserving local records and with the use of computer technology for retrieving, organizing, and indexing records, much can be discovered regarding the specifics of a family's pastóno matter what the locality.

Designed to help recover the multigenerational facts of your ancestry, this book is an expansive guide to the most useful resources in each of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia. Conducting research at a distance from the places one's ancestors lived can be quite a challenge. There still is no substitute for on-site research because not everything is, or probably ever will be, on microfilm, in print, or available through interlibrary loan. But this book's format assists the research process by describing some original, printed, and microfilmed sources for every state and the District of Columbia.

The book is arranged alphabetically by state. Within this chapter and each state's chapter, topics are organized to conform with one methodology of research. While research in different locations may require different strategies, the format of this book was designed to provide a consistent and detailed guide within limited space for each state. Excellent guides for modifying research strategy in a specific state are included in the listing of Background Sources for each state.

Every state's chapter begins with a brief historical background discussion. Records used in genealogical research come out of a historical context. Knowledge about the history, settlement patterns, and context in which the records were kept helps the research process. Additional sources for augmenting each state's brief overview are also listed under Background Sources for that state.

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"So you're making a little progress in your family history research, having interviewed most of your older relatives. NOW you need to begin looking at the records created in the localities where your ancestors once lived! For US researchers, the RED BOOK is an essential reference book!
NEED TO KNOW -- WHEN a county was created? WHERE the probate records are kept? WHAT the migration patterns were? IF there are surviving church records of christening, marriage and burial? HOW the county boundaries changed over the years?

The RED BOOK has the answers! I always turn to it when helping someone at our local LDS Family History Center. The RED BOOK gets you quickly up to speed on what to expect when researching a particular state.

This one is on my "A" list!!! Myrt."


- Hardback Book - 8.5" x 11"
- Includes illustrations, photos, tables, and maps