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Passage Express

Passage Express

With Passage Express you can transform your family history research into a professional looking multimedia presentation with just a few clicks of the mouse. Itís never been easier to share your hard work with those you love.

Passage Express

For Family Tree Maker


Price: 29.95

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Discovering your family history is incredibly exciting. But what if you could take it to a new level, beyond static photos and family trees? What if you could go beyond simple slide shows and create dynamic family history presentations that come alive with dazzling video, voice clips, commentaries, and more?

Multimedia made easy

Even if you've never created a presentation in your life, you'll be amazed at how easy it is with Passage Express. In three quick and easy steps, it shows you how to craft photos, videos, genealogy files and documents and more into a beautiful, multimedia presentation. Use for creating computerized presentations that honor family history, birthdays, holidays, graduations and more.

Get professional-looking results-fast

Passage Express is packed with intelligent tools that simplify everything-from organizing your material to labeling your digital photos with titles and captions. It has great-looking templates and menus that give your presentations a real professional look. Your Passage Express presentations will run automatically

To help take your family history to a professional looking presentation, Passage Express especially for Family Tree Maker 2006:

  1. Publishes your Family Tree Maker data into an attractive CD or DVD format
  2. Automatically extracts scrapbook items, captions and all!
  3. Helps you create a beautiful, customizable menu with just a few mouse clicks
  4. Allows face labels to help you easily identify people, even in large groups photos
  5. Öand much more

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"I am very impressed with this program. It solves my (and most amateur genealogists') problem of how to distribute our family research without expensive professional help."

- Chana S.

"This program will create multimedia disks for almost any purpose. ... It does so in an easy-to-use manner; it is a great program for the computer novice."

- Dick Eastman