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Hidden Sources

Family History in Unlikely Places

By: Laura Szucs Pfeiffer.

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Final Price: 35.95

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Discover facts about your ancestors in unexpected places--some right under your nose!
Now, anyone wanting quick, easy-to-access information about how to find their ancestors will be immediately pointed in the right direction. In Hidden Sources, first-time, part-time, and even full-time researchers will find many little-known sources that may contain information about their ancestors' lives.

Rather than lengthy descriptions of records, readers will discover short explanations that help them determine immediately whether or not a given record contains the information they need.

Get an overview of more than 100 sources, including:

- Adoption Records
- Holocaust Records
- Coroner's Inquests
- Licenses
- Orphan Asylum Records
- Slavery Records
- Court Records
- Patent Records
- Diaries and Journals
- and dozens more!

Each clue to the many little-used records she suggests includes a "Selected Reading" list and "Internet Sites of Interest." These little-used records will assist genealogists and historians with documentation to prove the existence of an individual or family. Ms Pfeiffer's list is more than the standard suggestions for records such as birth, death, marriage; cemetery records; local or county histories; or, census records.

For example, her book contains information related to how to obtain records of adoptions and apprenticeships, autobiographies, unusual death records, farm records, coroner's inquests, court records, guardianship records, homestead records, immigrant letters, licenses, marriage dispensations, midwives' records, passport applications, school records. And this is just a few of the many ideas and suggestions!

The Appendix includes address, telephone numbers and internet website URLs for the National Archives and Records Administration, State Archives, Historical Societies, the Family History Library and its Centers, Genealogical Societies, Major U.S. Genealogical Libraries. Most importantly, it contains a very good index.

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"Hidden Sources: Family History In Unlikely Places will alert the neophyte genealogist to a diversity of unexpected and productive resources capable of filling in the gaps of family charts and providing missing information on genealogical relationships. Highly recommended for personal, professional, and community library genealogical reference collections, Hidden Sources, demonstrates that there is a wealth of obscure, overlooked, and misunderstood sources that can and will reveal invaluable, unique, unusual, and sometimes minute detail about a family or individual."

Midwest Book Review.

- 8.5" x 11" Hardbound. 312 pages.